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If you’re looking for property to buy or sell, be sure to follow Laurie Zokoe’s new blog: Real Estate Savvy. Through regular posts on Real Estate Savvy, Laurie’s team of professional and caring realtors will give you tips and tell you about trends in the real estate market. Following their blog will help you make good real estate decisions.

We specialize in West Michigan Real Estate

The Laurie Zokoe Team is especially experienced in West Michigan real estate sales. Every team member knows the Grand Rapids region well. Whether you’re a newcomer moving here for the first time, young parents looking for an affordable home or a long-time resident ready to make a change, Laurie Zokoe’s team is here to help you.

Get all the answers you need before buying property

The Laurie Zokoe Team stands ready to answer any questions home buyers or sellers may have. With various talents and levels of expertise, the team provides the whole package when it comes to real estate.

Every member of the staff can answer your questions, address your concerns or find information you need to make intelligent real estate decisions. For answers to your questions, you can contact any team member at 616-791-1166 You’ll be glad you did!


For help in choosing the best real estate for you, contact Laurie Zokoe’s All Star Team:

Tel. 616-791-1166 4601 Lake Michigan Drive Fax.616.791.1611 Grand Rapids, MI 49534

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