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Transfer Tax Refund


If you have sold your home within the last 4 years, you may be entitled to a refund of state transfer taxes paid at the time of sale.

House Bill 4173, now Public Act 217 of 2015, revises the Michigan Real Estate Transfer Tax to clarify two items:

1. The party that paid the transfer tax may request the refund if a refund is due, and

2. Clarify that Exemption “U” applies when the SEV at the time of sale is less than or equal

to the original SEV.

This legislation is retroactive and applies to sales of a principal residence (for which a principal residence exemption is claimed) on or after June 24, 2011. To determine if you qualify, please contact the county and/or township in which you sold your home regarding the original SEV and the SEV at the time of sale. If your SEV was equal to or less at the time you sold your home that what it was originally, you may qualify for a refund.

To look up the SEV value of the home you sold, go to the county website and search the property address:

Ottawa County:

Kent County:

If you qualify and would like to seek a refund of the tax, please follow this link for the application:

The following documents must also be attached to the completed form:

1. Copy of the Settlement Statement (HUD-1) to provide proof of the sales price of property.

2. Copy of the RECORDED DEED containing the Tax Stamp.

3. Proof of the date of purchase and SEV in year of purchase.

4. Proof of the date of sale and SEV in year of sale.

You should have received a copy of your settlement statement and recorded deed from the title company when you closed on the sale of your home. If you need a copy or have questions regarding these documents, please contact your title company directly.

As always, you may contact me regarding any questions you may have!

Thank you & have a great day!

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