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Winter Ready

With winter coming up quick, here are some quick tips and tricks that will help prepare your home for those long and cold months ahead.


Fill in any cracks or crevices in your foundation.

Get your chimney cleaned and inspected.

Clean your gutters, then install an ice shield on your roof.

Trim any branches that may loom over rooftops, power lines or driveways.

Shield and shelter any landscape that could break under the weight of heavy snow.

Securely wrap your AC unit to prevent cold air seeping in.


Flush your water heater and then wrap it with an insulation blanket to avoid lost heat.

Update your thermostat system to a certified smart one.

Install a storm door and sealing gaps around door and window frames with weatherstripping.

Add extra insulation between your walls, attic floor and basement ceiling to stop heat from rising out of your home.

Place foam insulators behind your light switch plates and electrical outlet covers.

Use foam-rubber insulation to prevent exposed metal pipes from getting too cold.

Change furnace filters.

Doing even a few of the above will help ease the wear and tear that winter takes on your largest investment- your home!

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