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How to Choose the Right Paint Finish

Color is not the only thing to consider when planning your next painting job. Choosing the right paint finish is just as important. Although it can be a struggle, the right sheen can help extend the life of a paint job.

FLAT- Ceilings

Flat paint has a matte finish, and it helps hide imperfections.

EGGSHELL- Bedrooms, Living Room, Dining Room

Eggshell paint allows a lot of scrub-ability to completely flat finishes.

SATIN- Kitchen, Laundry Room, Bathrooms, Hallways

Satin paints are similar to eggshell and semi-gloss except they have a warm pearl like finish. They are very easy to clean!

SEMI GLOSS- Trim & Molding, Kitchen Cabinets, Doors, Wood working

Semi Gloss paint reflects light, giving it a more shinny appearance. It is very easy to clean!

GLOSS- Rarely Used (used on furniture for a lacquered look)

The higher the sheen the more rich the color will be. Also very easy to clean!

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